Are you subject to anxiety?

Do you have trouble managing your stress?

Be zen with our formula based on CBD known for its virtues acting directly on the nervous system!


No Stress


Discover Nostress, a 100% organic and natural formula based on 15% CBD full spectrum and orange blossom, from the Lanvia wellness collection.

Let yourself be tempted by this sublingual oil of excellence, which relieves the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This unique combination of orange blossom and CBD created by Lanvia is the exceptional choice for people who care about their well-being.


Lanvia is a French laboratory of a new kind.

Far from traditional industrial practices, Lanvia develops innovative formulas, targeted and tested transparently without pesticides and additives.

With its expertise, Lanvia offers products with natural ingredients cleverly developed to offer you the best quality in wellness and cosmetics.

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