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Terms of Use and Dosage

Our dosage recommendations are estimates made by our professional team and do not, in any way, constitute medical advice. Our dosage recommendations are the result of aggregated information from public resources. No information on this page is meant to diagnose, teat, cure or prevent any disease.   


The information on this page is general information solely meant to inform you. Please use common sense when reading this information which can only be considered a third opinion. In no event should it be considered medical advice. Any credit you grant our information is entirely your responsibility.


CBDologic.com and their partner laboratories accept no responsibility for the improper use of CBD products. If you intend to use any food or medical product as treatment, you should consult with your doctor.


Cbodologic.com and partner laboratories make no health claims regarding CBD products and recommend that you consult a licensed and qualified doctor before consuming CBD products or preparing a new Dosage Program. All information presented on this page should be considered a standard for the general consumer. We have adopted no official position on the use of CBD.


Neither food commissions on health nor anti-drug associations have verified our statements.