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CBDOlogique allows hemp craftsmen to significantly increase their online distribution network, in order to make known to the world their great expertise as well as the recognized virtues of their products based on cannabidiol (CBD) Organic. Each partner laboratory must have criteria established by CBDologique teams in order to be available for sale on our platform:

The CBD resin used for the products must come from an unmodified organic plant

The components of the associated products must be natural

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All products are tested by the Cbdological experts to verify that the advertised benefits of the product correspond to the effects observed after consumption

All Brands benefit from the same exposure on our site so as not to influence your purchases

Lanvia is a French laboratory of a new kind. Far from traditional industrial practices, Lanvia develops innovative formulas, targeted and tested transparently without pesticides and additives. With its expertise, Lanvia offers products with natural ingredients cleverly developed to offer you the best quality in wellness and cosmetics.

Vapodiole is a French vape company that had the brilliant idea of ​​combining vaping technology with CBD technology to help you reduce nicotine consumption and relax safely. Vapodiole is passionate and committed to fight the two major scourges of our daily lives, stress and addiction to nicotine

Vetlab is a French laboratory specialized in the use of cannabinoid (CBD) in animals. Vetlab focused on scientific techniques to help cats and dogs. They are also sentient beings. They feel stress, may experience anxiety and have physical pains similar to ours. The CBD can then relieve them daily. Because the health and well-being of your pet remains a central element of your family life, Vetlab puts at your disposal all its scientific knowledge and experience of organic production.

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