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Lanvia is a french brand of a new kind. Far from traditional industrial practices, Lanvia develops innovative formulas, targeted and tested transparently without pesticides and additives. With its expertise, Lanvia offers products with natural ingredients cleverly developed to offer you the best quality in wellness and cosmetics.


Matcha Tea 50mg


Discover MATCHA TEA , a natural herbal infusion with 50mg of CBD, from our well-being Lanvia line. Fall for this exquisite and relaxing herbal tea which will bring you into a state of complete relaxation. Our unique recipe with CBD created by Lanvia is the exceptional choice for people who want to combine a relaxing break with the health benefits of CBD.    

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Sublingual oil 5% CBD Broadspectrum


Discover Lanvia's very first BroadSpectrum 5% CBD oil. This extremely light and gentle oil was created for those who want their first steps in exploring the benefits of CBD on our body and mind. Based on 500 mg of 100% natural BroadSpectrum CBD, this oil allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the molecules present in natural hemp associated with the precious effects of organic MCT coconut oil.   This oil is flavorless and odorless in order to facilitate its consumption and to reveal the full power of its energetic value  

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