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Goodlifedog dietary supplement 250mg CBD Fullspectrum




Because your dog’s well-being is as important as yours, discover GOODLIFEDOG by VETLAB laboratory, specialized in hemp. This easy-to-use oil is made with 2.5% Full Spectrum CBD. It focuses on your dog’s global well-being and acts on their digestive and nervous system, without causing side effects. Whether you’re using it as a preventive measure or to relieve actual symptoms, this 100% organic and natural CBD-based formula is a perfect choice for your best friend.


A 100% organic and natural formula with 2.5% Full Spectrum CBD to give a healthy life to your best friend.


What are the health benefits of CBD for animals?

Nowadays, it is widely known that animals and men are quite similar. From a physiological point of view, animals have, much like us humans, an endocannabinoid system with CB1 and CB2 receptors directly connected to their nervous and immune system. As a consequence, their health and well-being can benefit from this hemp extract, without experiencing any psychoactive effects. Once the endocannabinoid system is activated by CBD, it can regulate and rebalance your animal’s whole organism. Our resemblance does not stop there. From a psychological point of view, animals are, like us, capable of great sensitivity. They feel stress and anxiety, and they experience the physical consequences of these emotional states just like us. CBD acts like a relaxing agent and helps your animal be happy and hungry again. These oils are terpenes-free so as not to disturb your pet’s very heightened sense of smell and remain appetizing to them. Vets from all over the world have researched and proved the efficiency of CBD for animals, especially when it is associated with additional medical care.


In a nutshell, the effects of CBD on animals:

  • calming and relaxing
  • aid digestion
  • reinforce the immune system
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • help relieve chronical pain
  • increase neurological functions
  • improve activity


A 100% organic and natural production

Vetlab laboratory guarantees premium quality by testing each product throughout the production process. The process used is CO2 extraction as it ensures the purity of the plant as well as preserves active cannabinoid agents.

The entire production is cultivated without pesticides and herbicides, is 100% organic and natural.

We recommend 3 doses during day, with an interval of 4 to 6 hours between each dose. Do not hesitate to lower or increase the dosage depending on the desired effects.

These recommendations are given to you by the teams of professionals of CBDologic.com and are not, in any way, medical advice. For more information: Terms and Conditions of Dosage.
Do not hesitate to see your vet before starting any treatment.

The Highest Dosage is Not the Best Dosage:

There is no “right” dosage of CBD. The ideal dosage depends on several factors including weight, tolerance to CBD and the level of pain or discomfort of your pet.

Be Patient and Don’t Give Up:

Benefits may appear over time, on a long-term plan. The best way to find the ideal dosage is to start with the smaller dosage. If you do not see any change in your pet, you may gradually increase the dosage until the pain or discomfort of your paint has subsided.

“the best way to find the adequate dosage is to base it on your experience and your body’s response”, Doctor Sulak.

You must also consider the symptoms that you wish to relieve in your pet. From inflammatory pain to digestive disorders, through stress or sleep disorders, there is a great number of symptoms that require different dosages.

Do not hesitate to see your vet before starting any treatment.

An Adequate Use for Multiplied Effects

In order to have every benefit of Full Spectrum CBD, cannabinoids must be assimilated by your pet’s mucous membrane. If the assimilation is not done properly, 25% of the effects of the molecule will be lost, on average.

In order to maximize benefits, you need to carefully follow specific instructions:

Shake bottle well before use so as to enjoy the whole range of molecules of Full Spectrum

Put the appropriate number of drops in your pet’s mouth and let the oil be absorbed by their mucous membrane for 30 seconds minimum

If this method appears too difficult with your pet, don’t hesitate to insert the product directly in your pet’s food. You will probably need to increase the dosage to obtain the desired effects.

* For all the recommendations and information on this page, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Dosage.
Product Type

Dietary supplement


MCT Oil, Hemp Extract (Cannabidiol : 250mg)

CBD concentration

250mg CBD Fullspectrum

Bottle Volume


Food Allergens


Nutritional value per 100g

Energy: 900kcal / 3765kj; Fats (medium chain saturated fatty acids): 90g; Carbohydrates: 0g; Protein: 0g; Salt: 0g

Use tips

Shake well before use / Put under the tongue or food 2 drops 3 times a day

Precautions of use

For animal use


Store at room temperature, away of light. Avoid thermal shock


24 Months


0% THC

3 reviews for Goodlifedog dietary supplement 250mg CBD Fullspectrum

  1. Roxane J

    J ai teste ce produit car mon chien a subit une operation douloureuse. Il etait tres nerveux j ai voulu apaiser ses douleurs. Je ne pensais pas de mon cote remarquer les effets mais je vois qu il est apaise! Merci d avoir pense a nos animaux ils ont aussi le droit d etre heureux !

  2. Snoop

    Lol mon chien Snoop en redemande!!

  3. Catherine

    Mon loulou est beaucoup moins tendu depuis que j’utilise ce produit! Je recommande pour les chiens stressés!!

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